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  • UKH

The UKH is the biggest, most effective network and collective voice for the eating and drinking out sector

  • They are dedicated to represent companies operating outlets where consumers go out to socialise and which contribute so much to our local & national economy, well-being and social culture.
  • They are the voice and champion of over 90% of managed pubs & clubs, branded restaurants & cafes.
  • Their members operate some of the best known high street brands as well as the best loved independent, small businesses. Between them their members...


  • Employ over 1.3 million people
  • Operate 28,000 outlets
  • Contribute 3% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

What do the UKH do...

They lobby to prevent restrictive legislation or taxation

  • Their campaigns saved the sector £1.5bn last year alone
  • They secured key changes on business rates, NLW, late night licensing, menu labelling

They promote the sector so we are noticed and treated fairly

  • Generating positive PR on investment, skills & growth to improve our image
  • we are the voice of out of home in Brexit negotiations

They provide advice & support to protect commercial interests

  • insight and intelligence to feed into corporate risk management
  • authoritative benchmarking reports on employment, operational costs, trends

The UKH's vision is...

"Our vision is of a dynamic, vibrant sector with the profitability and flexibility to deliver jobs and growth in the heart of local communities"

The UKH's Mission is...

Our Mission is to:

  • Deliver a free, fair and flexible market
  • Reduce the cost of doing business responsibly
  • Secure the potential for growth and investment in our people and communities

By working to:

  • Promote the sector?s reputation, Protect their members? interests, Prevent restrictive legislation

Team UKH... .

  • Full time professional staff all with a background in hospitality
  • Specialist expertise in sectoral lobbying and campaigning

Work collaboratively for authoritative results

  • Commissioning research from leading advisers such as KPMG, E&Y
  • Strong advocacy and public affairs support from Fleishman Hillard
  • Broad legal team for advice and challenge
  • Peer to peer networking and engagement events

The Benefits of being a member...

  • Discounted advertising - on leading on line nationwide advertising job board Hospitality Jobs UK
  • Campaign for change - Working to address the most pressing commercial issues of concern from tips, living wage, commercial rents and rates, VAT, licensing and food policy. Their campaigning activity in the last 18 months has saved the trade over £184m. Insurance policy
  • Provide members with a comprehensive political and regulatory digest - setting out all the current issues facing the trade
  • Provide an insurance policy - so that should things go wrong, they have a legal fighting fund to tackle problems as they arise.  
  • General counsel - provide a free legal helpline for you and your team and for larger companies can act as an extension of their General Counsel
  • Registered as a Primary Authority - allowing the UKH to provide quality assured, LGA approved advice and guidance on a range of food matters
  • Peer to peer networking
  • Operate a number of business seminars - conferences and networking events to allow like-minded businesses to share information
  • Specialised forums - for Casual Dining, HR Directors, IT Directors, Property, Licensing and Gaming
  • Insights & Intelligence - produce a series of reports and research papers drawing together the most authoritative information on the sector including: Benchmarking Survey looking at key site KPIs around operating costs and an Employment Survey
  • Leadership research report - identifying emerging market trends in a range of product sectors and consumers experience. These publications are free of charge to participating members

Join the fastest growing, most dynamic trade body to make sure your views count and protect your business!