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Heathrow / Surrey TW6 1EW

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£8.50 per hour

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Posted: 1st September, 2017
JOB TITLE: Commis Chef 
LOCATION: Heathrow airport 

Shift work – 4.30am -23.00pm

SALARY: £8.50 ph






Performance areas Duties

Food preparation/ execution

  • • Ensure all food preparation is made and executed to Company standards in presentation, quantity and freshness
  • • Communicate with kitchen and store management team to ensure adequate stocking of all prepared items.
  • • Ensure correct use of allocated colour knife and board for all food preparation in line with Food Safety regulations


Stock/ deliveries

  • • Ensure correct receipt of deliveries including temperature, expiry date, intact packaging and checking against delivery note
  • • Refuse any delivery not matching Company set requirements and report immediately to a member of the store management team
  • • Ensure correct storage of all deliveries in accordance with unit’s requirements, Company set requirements and UK/EU Food Safety regulations
  • • Ensure rotation of stock following the “FIFO” (First In First Out) rule
  • • Ensure wastage is kept to a minimum whenever possible.


Equipment •

  • Ensure correct and safe use of all Company equipment at all times in accordance with Company set requirements and Health & Safety regulations
  • •Ensure correct use of Personal Protective Equipment whenever necessary
  • •Ensure any equipment dysfunction or maintenance issues are reported to the store management team immediately.
  • Ensure any Company equipment is always in good working condition and report any operational problem to the manager on the duty immediately
  • •Responsible for cleaning of equipment on regular basis in accordance with cleaning schedules.
  • Ensure any dangerous items are safely isolated before maintaining of cleaning in line with Health & Safety regulations.
  • Ensure equipment is disassembled before cleaning if necessary
  • •Responsible for using correct cleaning product in the indicated manner for cleaning equipment in line with Company and/or manufacturer set requirements


Cleanliness • 

  • Responsible for maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness throughout shift in kitchen and storage areas including sanitising of surfaces and equipment in accordance with cleaning schedules.
  • • Assist store management with cleanliness of any other areas in store when requested.
  • • Ensure correct use of Personal Protective Equipment whenever necessary and inaccordance with COSHH guidelines.
  • • Ensure chemicals are stored and used correctly in accordance with COSHH regulations and Company set requirements.
  • • Ensure refuse is taken out whenever required or at the prescribed times and at the correct location.
  • • Ensure full completion of duties for unit opening and closing.
  • • Assist the management team with the ordering of cleaning products.
  • Team work • Work in tandem with work colleagues in order to provide guests with the most efficient service
  • •Work in tandem with work colleagues to ensure full availability of equipment, crockery, cutlery and glassware throughout the day
  • Develop good communication with work colleagues to help maintain team spirit